Like Kid Cudi’s “Day and Night” or Movies like Roger Rabbit, EULOGY blends animated and real world elements to create the visual set piece for Mike Hitt’s latest thought provoking music and video release.  “EULOGY” celebrates the lives and unforgettable works of over 50 legendary singers, actors, speakers, creators and celebrities, and serves as a memorial and tribute to their greatness.


     In a world of fast paced club hits and five second videos, Producer Mike Hitt frequently makes fans stop and think about their life, for just a moment, before moving on to the next streaming media dopamine hit.  Eulogy builds on the unique messages of his previous releases, DRIFTER and ICE CREAM ROAD; showcasing increased production value and offering dozens of unique pieces of accompanying content. As with every project he creates, Eulogy’s intent is to share a complete and fulfilling audio and visual experience that not only entertains but provokes positive change; be it at the most basic levels of human thought or the more complex emotions of why we exist and what we are truly here to do with these lives.


     Mike Hitt is best known for his role as creator and producer of MCM Studios, a Recording Studio in Pittsburgh,  PA ; open since 2011. MCM Studios has serviced thousands of reputable artists like Jelly Roll, Madchild, Dizzy Wright and Nate Fox.  Hitt (Mike) is renowned for developing and educating unsigned/indie talent as a highly skilled executive producer and engineer.  Periodically, Hitt releases his own self-produced titles and tracks as a shining example of what is truly possible when one has the will to create and relentlessly pursues excellence in their craft.  Eulogy is the first of many records to come as Hitt, to the delight of long time fans and listeners, fully embracing his skills as an artist, songwriter and performer for 2018 and beyond.