Reinvention : Why I'm releasing new music after 3 years

After a 3 year break from releasing material, I've decided it's time. Not time to create but time to release. I've spent most my few years catering and uplifting other artists at MCM Studios because I believed that it would be selfish to horde all that information for myself. I've coached, I've produced, I've mixed and directed and corrected and inspired until I was exhausted. As much as my clients love me for that and as much as I love them, at the end of every day when I'm by myself, I still feel a bit, empty. No matter how much content I create behind the scenes for others and myself, the same way I felt selfish for keeping information that would help others I now feel selfish for not letting my creations have legs of their own.

One thing I understand is, I'm a voice, for people. God gave me the gift to inspire and motivate and tell my story in a way that only I can. No matter how much others have gone out into the world and shown a piece of me through them, it's not me and I should never expect it to be. I'm a man that talks the talk and if you know me, always walks the walk. For as much as I've done, there's still so much for me to finish and begin. My personal music creations is one of those epiphanies.

After I released Drifter in 2015 I decided it was best to stop and listen.

Listen to Others, to God, to Myself, to be a student of sound and emotions and more importantly, life. The industry has changed alot in those 3 years and so have I. I've loved, I've lost, I've been hopeful and I've been doubtful. I've learned, I've taught, I've given and taken but most importantly through all of it, I've created!

Once a week, sometimes more, I'd hide away at MCM Studios when the building was silent and I've given all I could to others, I'd be for myself what I was for them. Enthusiastic, Motivating, Theraputic and Creative. I spent many nights asking myself,

"What is your true voice"?, "What is your story"?

I didn't say,

"How can I fit in", "How can I make music that sounds like everything else we hear"

We've gotten caught up in the clout train, chasing the next viral trend and making sure we fit in as musicians. I told myself that anything I created and released would be purely from my soul. Not that other records before weren't, but I always had that nagging voice saying "Is this cool enough for them". That doubting devil all artists have, sitting on my shoulder that would make me finish the song and hide it away never to be seen or heard from again.

Eulogy is the first bullet in my gun. It's an emotional armor piercing bullet made for you to stop everything you're doing and remember that this life isn't guaranteed. It's a release of all the built up thoughts I've had about all the people who had an impact on my life. It's a audio memorial meant to be here long after whatever is cool today isn't cool anymore, including me.

If you're finding out about me for the first time, I encourage you to find me out on social media and really find out who I am. Be with me on this new journey and hopefully I live up to your expectations.

If you've known me for a long time, you're special to me. You never gave up on me. You in-boxed me, texted me and inspired me. You liked my tracks. You shared the content. You never gave up on me even when the light was dimming on myself.

I can't thank you enough but let me properly.

Thank You.

I'm scared. I'm excited but overall, I'm comfortable and confident in my own skin. I know who I am, I'm a person with problems just like you, that wants my music to hug us both and say, it's gonna be alright.


Mike Hitt.

A picture of me at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh, PA

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