Weekly Update for Mike Hitt #EULOGY | Week of April 29th 2018

Whats up!?

So May is right around the corner and when it arrives, I'm hitting the gas all out till May 21st 2018 when #EULOGY Video/Song comes out.

If you'd like to help me make an impact on the iTunes charts you can now

pre-order EULOGY on iTunes at the following link...

Click Here to Pre-ORDER or tap the image

I've also announced a few podcasts I'll be on in May. I'm still looking to add some shows so if you know anyone with a podcast looking to set something up, the info is in the photo below...

Also if you haven't seen any of the new art for #EULOGY here ya go...

Just a couple days left in April, I hope it was as productive for you as it's been for me. Beautiful weather is also ahead!

Thanks for all the support.

Talk Soon,


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