Music is your life, is it?

As someone working day to day in the music and entertainment industry I hear from every day people alot...

"I love music, Music is my life"!

But why do you say that? IS music your LIFE? Or are you just saying that without thinking to create some sort of possible false connection with people who actually put their life on the line to continue to make a living making music.

I get it, you probably like listening to music but when you say it's your life I ask you, does it come precedent to everything else in your life? Bills? Relationships? Your health and well being? Friends and Family? To what degree is it your life because for some of us, me included, its the very fiber that weaves our possibility of even existing from the food on our table to our relationships with people.

At this point you're probably thinking

"Whoa that's kind of extreme, I'm just saying I really love music"

but that's my point exactly.

Words are powerful and when you say it's your life to people who it's actually their life, it can come across offensive and trite. This is one of the reasons the music industry is where it's at. Because too many people see it as something that "it might work out" or "it might not" but "let me toss my half assed song on soundcloud and clutter it up for people who actually spent their entire life striving for greatness in music"

You can still...

-Eat without music.

-Sleep without music.

-Have family and friends without music.

-Wake up without music.

-Go to sleep without music.

-Pay your bills without music.

-EXIST without music.

I can't. WE as actual professional life long devotees to the craft of music, Can't.

Like a soldier who has actually toured and put his life on the line to defend his/her country and been away from his family and sacrificed his lively hood for something that both provided for them and was the one thing that gave them something to live for and you casually say you can relate to that...

can you?

Or a professional sports player who spent his whole life every day practicing to make it pro and you watch a few games a week, would you tell Lebron "Basketball is your life"?

To quote Rick Ross

"You wasn't with me shootin in the gym"!

We sacrifice our time with family and friends to become better at our craft missing important events and parties and gatherings. We reinvest money that could be used for a nice meal or new clothes on upgrading our equipment and buying books and taking classes to be better. We jeopardize our mental and physical health staying up late to meet a deadline for a client or to figure out that last line for that song or figure out the perfect chord structure.

We don't simply listen to music all day and say it's our life. We embody everything that is music.

So when you say music is your life, is it? or you wanna come to the studio to "mess around and check it out", that's not what a music professional does.

We take this as serious as a mother takes her child, as a doctor takes his practice or as a general takes his platoon.

It's a matter of actual life or death.

It's more than a thing that we do that might work out or fills our time. It HAS to work out and it MUST take up our time because without it we won't grow as people or be able to provide for ourselves and our family. Music actually IS our life and not just an empty comment.

So when you find someone who actually embodies this post, maybe talk about your actual passion and that will create a more meaningful connection. You don't have to do what we do, do what you do and that passion in what you do is more relatable than trying to fit yourself in our shoes. Give us our space rather than trying to invade it.

I go to the gym, but I wouldn't tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that lifting was my life, because in reality, it's just a part of it. Do what you do ARNIE!

Love Life, Live Rich.


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