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Think and Grow Rich

Entry #1

I'm excited to release my new song "Think and Grow Rich on 12-1-21 and to celebrate that, I'm giving away 21 copies of the life changing book "Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.  As a bonus, 1 of the 21 books will have a $100 hidden in it!

You'll have 2 potential chances to enter the contest. 

For one entry, enter your name and email in the email collection box and for your second entry, pre-save "Think and Grow Rich" by Mike Hitt on Spotify or Apple Music by clicking the photo below the form.  The drawing will be held on 12-5-21.  If you win a copy you will be notified by email or social media DM.  I'm very excited for you, Good Luck!


Enter to win a copy of  "Think and Grow Rich" signed by Mike Hitt.  1 of 21 copies will have a $100 in it! Contest ends 12/1/21

Good Luck!

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Entry #2


Who the F*ck is Mike Hitt??

     In short, someone who works to be better every day.  Professionally, I'm an American Music Producer born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  I've had a long career creating music, learning about music and teaching others.  I started as a DJ a long time ago when the dinosaurs ruled the earth (just kidding).  I would go on to learn every aspect of putting together a song and being an artist and eventually would open a studio called MCM Studios right in my home town.  For the last 15+ years I've worked with thousands of artists, had music on TV, Film and Radio, traveled for music, worked with established artists, gave advice to upcoming artists to improve their own careers and participated in every music making activity from A to Z.  I'm a student, a teacher, a creator and a fan.  I aspire to leave everyone better than I met them.  Life is hard and I don't like to make it any harder.  


     Listen...My age knows no boundaries. I didn’t live as a teenager then a college student basing my life off my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on but rather, I just am. My existence isn’t measured, but is. When I’m finally passed away, I will of simply passed on to the next phase. I don’t live by a societal standard and people wonder how I get by living so freely. My spirit knew who it was in my mother’s womb. You might see me differently than I see myself and if that’s the case, maybe you don’t see yourself clearly. I’ve loved more than I’ve been loved, gave more than I’ve been given and taught more than I’ve been taught yet I feel like I’ve received the universe and then some. God wants more for me than sometimes I can see myself having and that’s my biggest setback. When I truly believe, everything I want is mine. I’ve seen a glimpse of greatness and it was usually when I walked past a mirror but too often, I kept walking because of fear. I aspire to be useful but not used, healthy but not obsessed, an ally, not an enemy, a lover and a fighter towards things that are important to me. The end is always almost near that’s why you shouldn’t have any fear in your dreams and walk confidant towards the things that mean the most to you. My name is Mike Hitt, I’m from Earth and I’ll be remembered long after I’m gone.


     I have a new song coming out 12-1-2021 called "Think And Grow Rich" and I hope you'll join me in pre-saving it on the streaming site you like to use and help spread the word by sharing it to your social media sites and letting your friends hear it.  Don't forget to enter your email above so we can stay in contact and feel free to inbox me anywhere you can inbox someone.  Talk Soon.


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