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Music Producer / Mentor / Digital Creator
Pittsburgh PA
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Mike Hitt

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     Why would or should you want to have me as your coach?  Think of your life and career like sailing at sea. You could absolutely do it on your own but having a trusted experienced captain will get you to destinations and sights that you might take a long time to see or maybe never witness!  I've helped thousands of artists and creatives navigate the waters of their careers and life.  You can't feel fulfillment and happiness without constant balance. 

     What I aim to do is help you stay balanced and help you navigate the ups and downs as you sail from one destination to the next.  No one person is the end all be all solution in your life but I guarantee you after just a few months working together your thinking will be expanded, your spirit will feel more aligned and your skills will be highlighted and improved to help you better maneuver through the world and your career.  Think of all the pointless stuff that brings you no value that you spend money on, now imagine allocating $25 a week to have access to a experienced teammate and leader focused on helping you figure YOU out and working to make you the best you can be, sounds like progress right?  That's cause it will be. 

     Don't take this leap of faith unless you truly want to improve your life and skills because I am dedicated to every task I ever take on in my life and the task of helping make you better is no different.  Join me and see why thousands of people have said "Hitt really changed my life" Let my experience be your cheat code.

Never had a handout
20 years ago I was homeless and had to put 10,000 hours in to get to where I am today.  True experience comes at a cost and I have paid the ultimate price so you can get the knowledge without the pain.  I hope you surpass me, not just match me.
Documented Success
A quick google search of Mike Hitt and MCM Studios will show you more than I could ever tell you!  I'm not here to sell you, just equip and improve you.
A balanced approach
Through my time I have lived and learned from various cultures, backgrounds, ideas, ethnicities and experiences.  I've traveled, invested, created, won and lost. True helpful knowledge has to be learned and tested against a variety of perspectives.  I have no hate in my heart, no prejudice in my soul and as much as I know, I'm also always learning and growing every second of every day and because of this, you get an honest, open minded, unfiltered approach to improvement and success.
I understand
ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Family Issues, Lack of resources, sabotage, back stabbing, Self doubt, Health issues and everything in between.  I have had to battle it, overcome it, improve it or learn it to get to where I am today and you're going to have to do the same thing if you want to get to where you want to go.
I won't be here just to feed your ego.  I want you to win but you winning is gonna require a little extra push that if you are reading this, I believe you know you will need.  You are the average of the 5 people you most interact with, I'm looking to bring that average up!  I'm not going to do the work for you but I sure will be on you to get it done!
The desire to help
This is my calling.  If you follow my social media or do some research, you'll understand this either immediately or over time.  I don't know it all but I know what need's to be known and how to implement it and most importantly, I want to.

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The Newbie

All you know is you want to begin on the path of being a creative.  You don't know the first thing about taking the next step or the step after that and rather than waste time figuring it out, you would rather learn from someone who has the success you would like to one day have.

The Professional Creative

You already make money from your music and have some systems in place but you feel like you have surpassed all the advice of family, friends and peers and need someone with experience to give you some perspective on what to do next, how to handle situations or just to have someone to bounce ideas off.  You want a partner without the legalities and hassle of partnership.

The Casual Creative

Maybe getting to the very top or making huge sums of money from being creative isn't your thing but you would like to get more efficient managing your life and creativity and wish you had a like minded individual to share potential ideas with and get potential ideas from.

Young Adults

The Non Creative

Maybe you're not a creative person and first want to find balance and progress in everyday life.  You want guidance and mentorship from someone who came from nothing and want to relate to someone regarding anxiety, depression, external conflict and the hurdles of life.

You're just beginning the journey of life and your friends party more than you'd like to and you're family wants you to pursue a life you have no interest in.  You want a non judgmental, honest non-hateful perspective on your ideas, views, goals and dreams so you can start to materialize a quality life.

Introverts and Extroverts

Maybe you need some help breaking free and without someone helping you, you never will or maybe you're already free but have an issue organizing your life and setting specific goals. All personality types can be helped.

All Demographics

Male, Female, Straight, Gay, Young, Old, Experienced, Inexperienced, All nationalities, preferences and people.  We all need a help.  Maybe we need alot and maybe we need a little but this is the opportunity to get someone on your side who wants to see you win.

Will you solve all my problems?

No, you will solve all your problems, I will help guide you along the way.  Like a professor, personal trainer, coach or teacher, I will help give you the tools to achieve more.  I will help keep you accountable, on track and inspired, you will take action and apply the knowledge and steps I give you.  We will collaborate and take action.  This is a team effort.  There's no I in team on the road to make YOU better.

Will everyone know you're my mentor?

Unless you want to celebrate it with the world, the work we do together will be confidential and private.  Before we begin working we will set these boundaries with each other.  Nobody has to know your secret to success unless you want them to.

What will this do for me?

This Coaching/Mentorship is a 1-on-1, highly personalized hands on approach to improvement.  I will work with you to create and crush your specific goals, overcome any obstacles you face and and be there to help you accelerate growth and obtain fulfillment. What does that look like for you? 


Does it mean making a song start to finish?  Does it mean being more charismatic?  Does it mean balancing creativity and life?  We're here to figure that out together.


People just like you from all over the world have leveled up and achieved their biggest goals with my guidance.

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Feeling lost in life


Decreasing fear

Self worth



Self destructive habits

Decision making



Time management


Money management

All tailored to your unique set of circumstances



  • 30 Days of hands on creative / life coaching and mentoring by Mike Hitt

  • One Hour Initial Set Up Consultation where we will get a better understanding of where you are and where we can get you!

  • Weekly up to 30 Minute Video Check-Ins.  Once we set those initial goals we will do a weekly assessment to reflect and adjust.

  • Access to Mike Hitt 24/7 via text/email.  Things happen and issues arise.  You will be able to contact me and I will answer you at my next free moment.

  • Guidance and Advice.  This is why we're in it right?  


  • You pay a ONE TIME $499.99 payment + Processing fees then $199 + Processing a month for as long as you wish to stay in the program.  The first payment includes your first month and is a bit more due to the much needed initial hour consultation and set up of a new client.  If you decide to stop with the program for 3 months or more you will have to repay the $499.99 to restart due to needing to get reacquainted with where you have been, where you're at and where you need to go. but for as long as you are paying the $199 a month that is all you will have to pay for all the benefits.  You will also have the option to commit to a whole year and pay one lump sum.  That is a great way to go because now you are locked in and accountable.

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